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Fly Tying
To be able to tie your own flies is an important part of fly fishing. It will definitely save you money in the long run. You are able to invent patterns and utilise a large range of fashionable materials, both natural and synthetic. You will need a few materials and some good tools in order to get started. Many anglers find fly tying to be a creative art form, as well as a most interesting and relaxing hobby.

We are able to offer beginners courses during the winter months. These courses are usually for a ten week period, one evening a week. You will learn the methods and procedures to tie all of the popular patterns which catch trout and salmon, in both still and running water. All materials and hooks are provided, but you will need your own selection of tools. These can be purchased from us if required. One-to-one or small group tuition is available.

The building of traditional winged salmon flies is considered to be the epitome of the art. To master the tying of these picture frame flies is most satisfying. '' If I had to give up either fly tying or fishing, the decision would not be difficult. I would give away all my fly rods and continue tying flies because it is so gratifying. When I tie a fly I know I am going to have results when I have finished. When I fish, the feedback can be slim. '' Marvin Nolte, Wyoming, U.S.A.

As I mentioned in my 'About Us' section, I entered the World Salmon Fly Tying Championships, in Canada, in 2001, winning the Silver Medal for my tying, to a strict recipe, of The Silver Doctor. For any more information or questions relating to any of our courses, please use our eForm by clicking here or telephone Peter directly on 07922-126154.

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The Silver Doctor
A popular Atlantic Salmon pattern that is fished the world over, it's original design dates back to 1885. A true Scottish classic, the Silver Doctor pattern is effective on many waters. This hairwing version has great movement and colours that are proven. This fly is a modern variation of the old Doctor pattern. The Blue and Black variations were created by James Wright, of Sprouston, Roxburghsire, England, at the World's Exhibition of 1862.


Hook - Orvis single or double salmon
Hook size(s) 2-10
Thread - Black monocord
Tip - Flat silver tinsel
Tag - Yellow floss
Tail - Golden Pheasant Crest
Butt - Red Ostrich Herl
Body - Flat silver tinsel
Wing - Brown over blue over red over yellow calf tail
Throat - Kingfisher blue hackle collar style, pulled down
Beard - Guinea fowl hackle

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The Elver
This is a little known Sea Trout pattern that

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The Salmon
This Pattern

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The Wally Wing Upstream Dry
This pattern