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Coarse - Carp Fishing

During the 1950's, Carp became increasingly popular with anglers, and in 1952 Richard Walker netted Britain’s first 40lb fish.

Ever since this, Carp have been one of the most sort after species. This was confirmed recently when an environment agency telephone survey asked the question, 'which species do you most want to catch?', 55% of license holders stated Carp as their preferred quarry.

•  The British record now stands at over 60lb

Carp fishing is now the most popular form of angling in the UK and Europe. There is a vast array of tackle and commercialisation surrounding this elusive fish. We understand that this can be most confusing for beginner and improver alike.

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On our BEGINNERS DAY we will visit a commercial fishery with you and explain:

• Rods and reels suitable for this type of fishing
• Lines, braid and hook rigs
• Carp baits and bait mounting
• Ground baits, spod mixes and bait dips
• How to cast
• How to use a spod rod
• How to use a marker float
• How to find features in your chosen swim
• How to set your rods on pods or bank sticks
• How to use buzz bars, alarms and swingers
• Unhooking, weighing and handling the fish

For any more information or questions relating to any of our courses, please use our eForm by clicking here or telephone Peter directly on 07922-126154.

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