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Coarse - Beginners' Course

Fishing methods can vary widely depending on the type of fish being sort and on the conditions on the day.
A very windy day may reduce the possibility of successful float fishing, while a strong current may require the bait to be sunk quickly and held at its fishing spot, before the current has the chance to take it downstream. the best place for a beginner is still water, where there is no current.

The coarse angler has a number of decisions to make and the methods employed will affect the chances of a successful days fishing.

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On our BEGINNERS DAY we will discuss all the tackle required and we will cover:

Float fishing, Floats, Rigs, Shotting patterns, Hook sizes, Float rods and suitable reels, Ledgering, Leads, Feeders, Method Feeders, Hook links, Ledger rods and suitable reels.

Different baits are explained. Maggots, casters, corn and how to prepare pellets. All tackle is supplied and is of a good quality.

For any more information or questions relating to any of our courses, please use our eForm by clicking here or telephone Peter directly on 07922-126154.

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